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Trophy Whitetail PowderKegg 1PowderKegg Preserve, SC, Trophy Whitetail Bucks

Fishing PowderKegg 3Cassatt, SC., one of South Carolinas Premier whitetail deer hunting destinations. PowderKegg has been serving up top quality, native South Carolina whitetail deer hunts since 2005. All acreage is High Fenced for management of the native SC whitetail deer and the hunting area consists of close to 1,000 prime hunting acres offering some of the best managed trophy bucks in South Carolina. There is also an outstanding wild turkey population for spring gobbler hunts. Last but not least the preserve contains three large ponds that offer some of the best fishing in South Carolina.

Trophy Whitetail PowderKegg 2While staying at PowderKegg you will find the accommodations to be second to none. They can accommodate up to 10 hunters, but normally prefer to have on average 7 or less hunters at a time. This number ensures the hunter to guide ratio is 2 to 1, by having this ratio you receive personalized instruction and access to excellent stand placement. These two factors alone almost guarantee you achieve that once in a lifetime shot while gaining a truly unforgettable experience.

What to expect from the kitchen at PowderKegg. Sit down and enjoy some of the best served southern home style meals. They server breakfast at 10 am and dinner is at 8 pm. Although there are only two meals, the feast that is prepared for you is one that is sure to stick with you while you are on the hunt.

Andrew PowderKegg 5Jeanie PowderKegg 4Bucks taken on the preserve all score on the Boone and Crockett non-typical scale. The Powder Wildlife Preserve normally produces exceptionally good success rates, and that is why many of their clients are repeats. Andrew and Jeanie Sabbagha work very hard to make sure you are satisfied with your hunting experience here at the preserve and that you leave with the sense that you have utilized one of the best resources in South Carolina and while giving you a reason to tell all your friends that PowderKegg is one of the best outfitters you have ever visited.

Want more information, check out their Websites @ and ( for complete history of the preserve.)

All images and video provided from PowderKegg website